How can I contact you?
* Use our online contact form or write us to – euroffer @


What about shipping cost ?
* We make shipments to most of the countries for a shipping fee of 35 USD for one Vendor/ Origin country.

What about reshipment ?
* Yes ! We accept reshipments. We Ship Worldwide !

How long until my order ships?
* After the status is updated to Awaiting Shipment , it can take up to 3-5 days to receive the tracking number.

Do ASNGear have a minimal order ?
* No ! At ASNGear You are ready to buy only products You desire, we do not have minimal orders.

What payment methods you accept ?
* The most discreet and fastest payment methods, see on checkout.

How long it takes to receive my order?
* Shipping time depends on various factors (postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit ), that’s why we can only give you an approximation based on our statistics and former experience. We estimate: 7-14 days arrival time.


What shipping method do you use?
* We ship by regular/registered air mail and sometimes EMS, because it is the safest and assure both of us of the highest rate of successful delivery since: (no) prescription is needed, is not traceable, does not require a signature upon delivery (sometimes sign is needed), can be shipped to PO-Boxes and offer maximum discretion. If you buy from USA you need to have a legal prescription, but its not always necessary.Please consult your country laws before buying.


Where do you ship from? How about returns?
* Please note that we use different shipping locations in order to avoid customs flags. We ship from Europe, Turkey and Thailand.


What about delays?
* There are few occassions when delivery is delayed due to Postal Services procedures. However in those occasions delivery might take a little longer. Above date is just an estimate, we can’t guarantee delivery time. It sometimes happens that shipment is delayed for various reasons evenup to 2-3 weeks from estimated arrival date.
Keep in mind that there are a couple of possible situations that can occur with your order to cause possible delivery delays. An international shipment normally passes through the local and national postal service in the country of origin, then exportation, as well as shipment transfer through ports of exit, transit to destination country with international postal service, importation in destination country (customs clearance), and finally the local and national postal service in the destination country.


What are your success delivery rate?
* We have 98% success delivery rate.


What happens if my package get seized?
* If your package(s) get seized (it happens sometimes… fortunately only 1-2% of orders get seized) we resend the order (we will need your customs letter scan at 120 dpi to avoid scammers).

When (and if) your package(s) is seized you will receive a letter from customs describing what they have seized and they will give you a deadline to respond and attempt to claim your seized property or they will destroit it.


What items are illegal in my country?
To be honest, we are not 100% sure. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the laws in every country around the world. They also may change often. The best idea would be to contact your local government or check out their website for laws and restrictions. We will send ANY product to any country, but if the product is returned or destroyed, the responsibility is yours. We will do our part and follow your directions. We will ship the products that you have ordered, to the address you provided! We will also ship very discreetly in order to protect your privacy.

Tracking your order

You can track your order anytime by visiting your local post website. Please allow up to 4 business days for your tracking number to start working. The Air Mail tracking number starts working only when an order is received (in fact it is mostly used to make sure you have received your order). Please use the links below to track your order.