In the second half of the twentieth century, the world has changed. In 1956, an American doctor, John Ziegler, with the assistance of Ciba-Geigy Company, in his laboratory has invented dianabol, an anabolic steroid of the new generation that made a revolution in pharmacology and sports of that time. Immediately after its appearance in US market, methandienone began its expansion worldwide.

Within a few years after Dianabol appearance, it became most favorite and most used anabolic in all major sports. It began to be produced and sold almost all over the world. Methandienone was used by athletes, weightlifters, and others. Mass enthusiasm for Dbol place it in the first-aid kit, shifting to the background and almost forgetting about the correctly prepared training program and diet. Until present day’s trainers, athletes, doctors literally pray for methandrostenolone, experiencing supernatural thrill about this drug.

What is Dianabol

Methandienone has several dozen trade “names.” It has different variety of positive and negative effects. It is universal in its nature by effects on the user’s body. It has several released forms – tablets, capsules, injectable form (active substance dissolved in oil). He is terrible and beautiful at the same time. In general, the drug is very remarkable, requiring a detailed description.

Methandrostenolone is an excellent example of the latest pharmacology achievements of the second half of the twentieth century; a unique steroid with a moderate androgenic and strongest anabolic effect on the user’s body. The closest steroid to Dianabol is methyltestosterone. Like methyltestosterone, Dbol is alkylated at 17-alpha, which protects the active substance -methandienone from destruction when passing through the liver and makes the drug hepatotoxic. Like any other steroid, dianabol has a strong effect impact on protein metabolism. Methandienone use enhance protein synthesis and in such way accelerates the body’s protein production. This effect is expressed in a positive nitrogen balance and in improving the overall condition of the athlete. As well, Dbol has a positive effect on the balance of calcium and other microelements. It promotes to the ingestion of calcium, magnesium and potassium into bone tissue. Methandrostenolone has a beneficial impact on the central nervous system of the athlete, helping to recover very quickly after hard training.

Another great property of Dianabol is that it is an excellent anti-catabolic. The effect of the steroid lies in the fact that methandienone molecules block cortisol receptors located on the muscle cells membrane. Therefore, the cortisol produced by the body, a strong catabolic hormone, loses its destructive power and the muscle cell does not lose protein, which usually happen under the influence of catabolic processes.

Dianabol is a perfect steroid to increase body weight and strength performance. Fast weight gaining process happens due to two main processes occurring in the body: muscle hypertrophy and water retention, which occurs as a consequence of the incredibly strong aromatization of the active substance. With Dbol, you cannot talk about very “quality” gained muscle mass. The increase in strength during dianabol cycle is due to the fact that this dbol steroid increases the synthesis of creatine phosphate in the muscle cell, which plays a decisive role in the recovery of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the source of all muscle movements, as is a fuel necessary for the cell to do work. ATP accumulates in the muscle cell and, if necessary, turns into adenosine diphosphate. This process releases energy that allows working muscle cell. For the reverse process of ADP in ATP, creatine phosphate is also required. The more creatine phosphate is, the faster is recovery and the more ATP has the muscle cells. In practice, this means that the muscle is getting stronger.

Anyone who has ever tried Dianabol knows that during workout in the working muscle can be noticed a “pump effect”, which professionals call the “steroid pump”. The reason is that methandienone increases blood volume and the number of red blood cells in the human body. Muscles become more voluminous. Along with these benefits, higher blood flow increases the delivery of nutrients to the muscle cell. Middle and short distance runners often use the phenomenon of increased oxygen supply to the body associated with this effect.

Like any other steroid, methandrostenolone negatively affects “Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Testicles” arc that regulates the level of testosterone production in the body. When the user take a steroid, the concentration of exogenous testosterone in the blood increases and the testicles signal to the hypothalamus to decrease production luteinizing releasing hormone. Through such process, the pituitary is transmitted information about the lower release of gonadotropins and follicle-stimulating hormone. As a result, testicular germ cells reduce testosterone production. Thus, the normal hormonal background is disrupted, but after discontinuation of methandienone, everything is restore and come back to normal.

Dbol has a very short half-life in the body – maximum couple of hours that’s why it is recommended to use this anabolic several times a day. To achieve the optimal concentration of the active substance throughout the day and to keep the straight hormonal background.

Use, Combination and Short History

Over the past 50 years, with the help of this legendary steroid, innumerable victories have been achieved in different sports disciplines. However, there were also losses that were associated both with a ruined sports career due to positive doping test, and with permanently ruined health due to years of dianabol use.

The main “Dianabol” users are bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters, and strongmen. Dbol is primarily used in sports related to weight lifting and the need to absorb huge amounts of protein food. Powerlifters and weightlifters love to charge with methandienone for a more effective fight against the forces of gravity. Dianabol has an unusual property to make iron lighter, muscles – stronger, reaction – sharper, which is in demand in these sports disciplines. Methandienone so managed to become part of the weightlifters ration that at one time they wanted to exclude weightlifting from the program of the Olympic Games. In powerlifting and weightlifting, there are a huge number of different schemes for Dianabol cycles and its combinations with other AAS. This is “dianabol solo”, and various “ladders” with “intervals”, and deca + dbol (classic scheme), and test + dbol (explosive combo). Also traditional for lightweight categories like winsrol + dianabol etc… So half of a century experience in the use of methandrostenolone gives us the opportunity to choose how to poison the body with dianabol to get the maximum benefit from it in sport career. Despite the fact that dbol and testosterone in powerlifting and weightlifting are the most common steroids, not all the athletes has it in his first aid kit. Because the need to pass the doping test at any more or less serious competitions, pushing athletes to experiment with other oral steroids  like turinabol, oxandrolone, etc. As you know, Dianabol has a doping detection period for more than three months.