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Anapolon from Abdi Ibrahim is a brand name for active substance Oxymetholone. In medicine it is used for anemia, osteoporosis, and HIV treatment. Also in some cases it is used to help for stimulation muscles and weight gains. Anadrol is coming only as an oral form by pills.

Anadrol Anapolon is one of the most anabolic steroids known nowadays. It is extremely powerful and can bring to the athlete 1lb daily. At the opposite side it is one of the most toxic drug. It can be very harmful for your liver and health.

It was synthesis back in 1960s for anemia treatment and for those who was losing muscle weight fast. The treatment was for 30 weeks. And during that period patients were gaining 8kg on average.

Abdi Ibrahim is the pharmaceutical company based in Turkey. It was founded back in 1912 by pharmacist Abdi Ibrahim Bey. Today it is an industry leader in Turkey with the largest biotechnological manufacturing facility and production of hormone. It produce only high quality pharmaceutical grade drugs and hormones. Anapolon from Abdi Ibrahim is a very well-known steroid in the market among different kind of sportsmen.

Anadrol improve joints condition very well and developing the strength of the athlete a lot. Anadrol Anapolon doesn’t give you quality muscle mass but give solid gains. Most of it you will lose after Anapolon Cycle. But some gains still will stay with you. The dosage for Anapolon vary between 50mg to 150mg daily.


Anadrol Cycle

Anadrol Anapolon gives a huge pump during and after the training. Most of the athlete who is using Anapolon noticed that even training 6-7 times per week they could train more. Anadrol increase a level of erythrocytes in the blood. Which means that more oxygen coming to your muscles and therefore faster recovery process is. Faster metabolism leads to the faster muscle tissue growth. In the same time you will get high blood pressure. So you should be careful with the Anadrol dosage. You can start with 50mg daily and increase it after 2-3 weeks to 100mg and after even 150mg daily. We do not recommend to exceed the dosage of Anapolon 50 more than 200mg daily. For females Anapolon from Abdi Ibrahim is forbidden to take.

It’s good to use Aromasin or Adex on the cycle. So you won’t be that much bloated with water. Proviron can give your muscles hardness. If you want to get additional mass then you can easily add to your Anadrol Cycle Deca Durabolin or Sustanon. If you want to have more quality muscles then Trenbolone and Winstrol will help you with that. If you mix Anadrol from Abdi Ibrahim with other AAS then obviously your Anapolon dosage should be less. Don’t forget to stay on high calories diet to improve your results. Anadrol will help you to consume a huge quantity of food.

After the cycle creatine will help you to safe more gains then without it. Use supplements during and after your Anadrol Cycle.

Anadrol | Anapolon 50

Buy Anapolon 50mg Online

There are a lot of sources nowadays where you can buy Anapolon 50mg online without prescription. Different online stores can offer you very good price with delivery to your door. Before to buy Anapolon 50 make sure that you did enough research about the source from which you are getting your product. In the end it is all about the quality. You don’t want to buy fake product. Not original product can seriously destroy your health or if you get lucky only no results and no gains will be from such steroid. So if you won’t harm yourself then you will simply lose your money. Check only reliable online sources or online pharmacies. Some of them can have Anapolon for sale. If the deal is good don’t wait and buy it. If you have any questions our specialists can help you. Don’t hesitate to fill our online form and get to know all the questions regarding type of steroid cycles, sale products, how and when to use.

Pharmaceutical name:


Active Life:

Less than 16 hours

Average Dose:

Men 50-150 mg/day

Water Retention:

Yes, high



Steroid cycle:


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