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Andrometh 50 – Injectable Dbol Cycle

Injectable Dbol Cycle: Andrometh Dbol (active substance methandienone) + Clomid (active substance clomiphene citrate)


The cycle includes: 3 vials of injectable Dbol and 40 tabs of clomid for PCT (post cycle therapy)


Duration: 8 weeks + 4 weeks PCT


First, a bit of history. Why is Dianabol Cycle so popular among newbies into pharma world? Because it was the most affordable and popular anabolic steroid in the USA and Worldwide. Since the beginning of the 60s, this steroid was produced by many countries and it could be bought at a pharmacy without any issues. With all the methandienone side effects, this steroid was used to improve athlete’s performance in athletics and weightlifting, in swimming, martial arts, and other sports.


Some are afraid in the first year to use injections and start with oral steroids. If you did not have experience in using sports pharmacology and from friends or a trainer you heard that it is better to start your cycle with Dbol then this article is for you. We will try to understand the pros and cons of a such cource. Let’s explain why we recommend to buy Injectable Dbol Cycle for beginners. In this article we will describe the cycle plan and give tips on nutrition, workout frequency and will try to avoid side effects in order to get the maximum result and make it stable.


Whom will suit Injectable Cycle of Dbol:

For a new athletes with no pharmacological experience with the bulking steroid cycles. If you already had several courses behind, then this course is not for you.

It is not recommended to use this course for athletes who perform in sports where speed, agility (martial arts, running, swimming) are important.

For those who do not care about weight gain, and the main criterion is to increase agility, speed, strength and endurance, we recommend courses: stanazolol solo, turinabol solo and oxandrolone solo.


The effect of the first Injectable Dbol Solo Cycle:

  • weight gain 6-8 kg. (according to the proper diet, following the right workout schedule, etc.)
  • an increase in strength performance of 10-15 kg in basic exercises
  • increased endurance
  • bone skeleton strengthening


How to take Dbol Solo Cycle:

Dbol (methandienone) is taken 56 days equally, one injection per day or each other day. If you have no experience at all then better to make 1ml injection EOD. It will take a week for Injectable Dbol to start working properly.


Clomid (clomiphene) is taken at PCT. The first 19 days, 2 tabs per day (1 in the morning and 1 at night), then 4 days, 1 tab at night, the rest days you take 1 tab at night EOD.


Injectable Dbol Side Effects:

Let’s divide all the side effects into two groups; the main one (which are most common and require surgical intervention) and secondary (which are less common)


The Main Group Side Effects:

  • gynecomastia (as a result of the conversion of the active substance to estrogen – aromatization)
  • liver toxicity
  • water retention


Secondary Group Side Effects:

  • high blood pressure
  • acne
  • alopecia
  • masculinization in women


From experience, I can say that problems with gynecomastia on this cycle might happen with 3-5% of people who have a genetical predisposition. Majority of people have nothing to be afraid of, 50 mg of methandienone per day is not such a big dosage. If you have a predisposition, read the article; how to prevent the appearance of Gyno and how to deal with it if the first signs appear.


I won’t write much about water retention. This is quite normal on such a cycle. After the course there will be a “rollback” and about 2 kg of water will go.


In general, this course is quite safe, 90% of people should not have any side effects.


It’s better to work out three to four times a week, every other day. Standard workout duration is 45 min. But look at your condition, some do not have time to recover during this time and you need reduce the frequency of workouts.

Pharmaceutical name:


Active Life:

6-8 hours

Average Dose:

Men 50-100 mg/day; Women 20-50 mg/day



Steroid cycle:


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