Boldabol 200 British Dragon 10ml [200mg/ml]




British Dragon’s Boldabol 200 is a synthetic injectable steroid. It is an anabolic derived from the male sex hormone testosterone. Equipoise is a methandrostenolone molecule that doesn’t have the 17-alpha methyl group. Equipoise was originally conceived as a safe form of methandrostenolone (without side effects on the liver). However, changes that was made in the methandrostenolone molecular formula led to a completely different result. That’s how Boldenone appeared. The half-life of boldabol is 14 days.

Anabolic activity - 50% of testosterone (moderate)

Androgenic activity - 100% of testosterone (high)

Effect on the liver: none

Increased estradiol: no

Prolactin Enhancement: None


Effects of Boldabol 200

  • Practically does not affect the liver, while it does not aromatize and does not have progestogen activity. By many parameters, British Dragon Boldabol 200 can be considered as one of the safest steroid among AAS;
  • has androgenic activity equal to testosterone esters (for example, testosterone propionate);
  • has a very long half-life (14 days), which makes it possible for an athlete to limit himself from a frequent injections, but at the same time requires higher dosage of boldabol 200;
  • Equipoise uk can be used both on bulking and on cutting cycles and in combination with any steroid;

Boldabol 200 British Dragon has a long half-life and is able to work more than two weeks. However, to maintain a straight hormonal background, boldabol 200 must be injected weekly. If you are preparing for a competition, you should keep in mind that the metabolites of the steroid can be detected within 5 months.

If we will review Boldabol 200 in detail, then Undecylenate in its properties is practically equal to the male hormone, while its androgenic characteristic are twice lower than testosterone. As a result, British Dragon 200 Bold makes possible to improve a number of strength characteristics, and also increases endurance.


Boldabol Side Effects and Minuses

Very weak anabolic index. To gain a lot of muscles with boldabol 200 only will not work. It makes no sense to use boldabol 200 British Dragon either on the mass or on the cutting cycles as a solo. However, in combination with other AAS to use it makes sense due to the absence of side effects (aromatization, progestogen activity, effect on the liver).


Dosage of boldabol 200 in bodybuilding?

The dosage of boldabol 200 British Dragon for muscle growth is 800 – 1200 mg per week. A lower dosage is usually ineffective. Too much dosage (2-3 mg per week) does not lead to better results, however, the risk of side effects increases. The duration of the cycle is from 8 to 20 weeks.

You can use Boldabol as a part of mixed cycles. If you need to work on a muscle relief, then you should use a mix of boldabol + winstrol and oxymetholone + British Dragon 200 Boldabol. For the quality muscle gain cycle will be the best combination of 200 Boldabol with testosterone and trenbolone.


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