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BOLDE 250 – Bolenone Undecylenate Injection

A completely new drug called boldenone appeared unlike anything else.

Veterinary took this miracle into her own hands and began universal use. Veterinary drugs are distinguished by the fact that they will work on any animals, starting with a white laboratory mouse and chicken to a horse and a bull. And what works on animals will also work on people. We are also ANIMALS!))) Bodybuilders use boldenone, one might say, instead of ascorbic acid – all year round! Whether it is a cycle on mass or drying.

Active substance of Bolde 250 is boldenone undecylenate. The common trade name for this drug is Equipoise. Even here, the copyright holders considered everything as it should. Equipoise means equilibrium. This name best describes everything about the steroid.

– Minimum side effect! What does minimum mean, you might say there are no side effects at all.

– An increase in quality muscle.

– No aromatization.

– Increased venous.

– Increased appetite, which have a positive effect on weight gains.

– An increase in the level of red blood cells, which leads to an increased transport of oxygen to the muscles and, in accordance with this, incredible endurance. Horsepower)))

Everything is good, everything is all right in it. Oh yeah, the horses will be happy. But, why, if horses like it, then people do not try this crown of pharmacology. Well, here it started. Remembering the words of Yasinovsky about Victor Richards, this big man injected himself with 25 ml of equipoise 1 ml / 50 mg every day. That is, at least 7 grams per week, and this despite the fact that there were other steroids. He ate 12,000 kcal per day. He was 170cm tall and had 150kg in weight.

7 grams is a monstrous figure, because an increase in the number of red blood cells leads to thickening of the blood, in this case Aspirin-cardio can help, starting from 100 mg per day. And at 7 grams per week I don’t even suspect how many such pills you need to take, but I think there are ways for professional athletes. If we call to memory the instruction for the veterinary use of Equipoise, it becomes clear that for a horse for every pound of mass there should be 0.5 mg of equipoise. That is, for a horse weighing 500 kg (1102 pounds) about 550 mg of steroid.

Ordinary dosages in bodybuilding start from 600-800 mg and, as we already understood, the can go up to infinity. But, if you recall the general recommendations, then things are as follows: 8-12 mg per kg of body weight per week. For extreme people who pursue goals, justifying means, of course, the dosage is increased.

As already mentioned, Bolde 250 is applicable both for mass gain and for working on terrain. The mass can be advised: Testosterone + Boldenone Undecylenate + Trenbolone. After this blend, body transformations will be coordinating, but the body mass will not increase much, due to the fact that the mass will grow precisely due to muscles, and no water retention. Surprisingly, the same stack can also be used for drying, if you really want you can add Masteron. Many will wonder how to deal with an all-consuming appetite if you work on the relief. You can fight with your own strength, that is, willpower, or you can also use sibutramine.

To summarize, what can I say? Bolde 250 is a drug that every person interested in bodybuilding should try. Many say: ohhh, I did not feel it, not my steroid. All these fables come from the fact that people are accustomed to “fill up” on the cycle and a qualitative increase in meat is not felt on the scales. All that can be said about this: Do not listen to anyone. This drug is worthy of all the awards of the anabolic world. I’ll give you the last argument: if the pro builders can’t do without him, then God himself has commanded you. Good luck and success in anabolism!

Pharmaceutical name:

Boldenone Undecylenate

Active Life:

14-16 days

Average Dose:

Men 400-600 mg/week; Women 50-150 mg/week

Water Retention:



Some, about 50% less than testosterone

Steroid cycle:

Bulking, cutting

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