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It is a 3 months bulking Cycle. This cycle will help you to get lean muscle mass. The gains would be really impressive. It will be Magnus Pharmaceuticals steroids. The cycle will include Sustanon, Boldenon and Trenbolone Enanthate. You will have to do injection twice weekly. All the steroids you can include in one injection. First injection you can do on Monday second on Thursday. Each of steroid take 1ml and only when you will do your first injection Boldenon should be 3ml as a loading phase.

We included Boldenon instead of Deca in this cycle to get more quality gains during your bulking cycles. And also you want have such side effect as Deca-Dick. Sustanon with Boldenon will make you quite big but at the same time Trenbolone Enanthate will help you not to get that much water retention. So you will avoid bloating from water and plus you will safe most of your muscle gains after your bulking cycles. Also Boldenon does not give you that much water while you are bulking. Trenbolone does not only help you to stay lean but also help you to get more muscle size.  

With our Bulking Grow Lean Course you will improve your strength and stamina as well. Trenbolone Enanthate will help you with strength as well as Boldenon plus from Equipoise you will feel how your stamina improve from training to training. Sustanon and Trenbolone will make you one the heaviest weight lifters in your gym. You will be impressed during and after your bulking course.

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