Cypionate LA Pharma 10amp [200mg/ml]



Test Cypionate Injections LA Pharma

Test Cypionate Injections is a long ester of testosterone very similar to enanthate. It is good for the bulking cycle. It is coming in ampules. The dosage in 1 ampule is 200 mg of active substance test cypionate. If you are newbie to the steroids than you can start with the dosage 2 ampules per week. Good think about Cypionate Test Injections is that it’s very convenient to shoot only once or twice weekly instead of EOD. You can combine Test Cypionate Injections with Stanozolol or Trenbolone to grow lean. For bulking it would be preferable to mix it with Decanoate or Dianabol or Boldenone etc. Cypionate 200 retain a bit less water than Enanthate version due to the molecular structure difference between this two. Cypionate Test Injections can be an ideal start as for the newbie in cycle as for the experienced athletes in combination with other AAS. For pro athletes dosage usually starts from 600 – 800mg and above depending on cycle combination and goals.

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Pharmaceutical name:

Testosterone Cypionate

Active Life:

15-16 days

Average Dose:

Men 250-1000 mg/week

Water Retention:

Yes, high


Yes, high

Steroid cycle:


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