Cypionax Body Research 10amp [200mg/ml]




Cypionax 200mg stands for Testosterone Cypionate from Pharmaceutical Thailand lab Body Research. Test Cypionate comes in the box of 10 ampules where each amp contains 2 ml of active substance. Cypionate test 200mg is one of the most popular form of testosterone in the USA. Cypionax can be used in any cycle as well as the solo cycle. Testosterone is the main male hormone which is naturally produced by human body. Cypionax is the long ester Cypionate 200mg which makes it’s very attractive for the athletes who doesn’t like to make frequent injection. Due to its chemical structure athlete can make one to two injections weekly. Depending on your goal with test c 200mg you can easily achieve any of desired. It will give you strength if you are training it or power or endurance. As well you will cover faster and will be able to train more often increasing your training time from day to day. You will be able to lift more each week. Test 200mg Cypionax is more preferred on the bulking course but with the proper diet can be used on the cutting cycle as well. Dosage vary due to the body conditions, previous experience with pharma products and results which needs to be achieved.

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Pharmaceutical name:

Testosterone Cypionate

Active Life:

15-16 days

Average Dose:

Men 250-1000 mg/week

Water Retention:

Yes, high


Yes, high

Steroid cycle:


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