Cypiotrex 350 Concentrex 10ml [350mg/ml]




Test Cyp Cycle Composition:


  • Test Cypionate Concentrex (active ingredient testosterone cypionate)
  • Anastrozole Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient anastrozole)
  • Clotrex Concentrex (active ingredient clomiphene citrate)

Test Cyp is a hormone ester that has a long-lasting effect. The steroid is used by athletes who are doing bodybuilding, weightlifting or arm-wrestling. Test Cyp cycle is suitable for athletes of different training levels.



Test Cypionate Results

There is almost no difference between Enanthate cycle only and Test Cyp cycle only. The esters are interconnected; using both of them have similar results.


Test Cyp Cycle only is characterized by the following cypionate results:


  • in a short period of time, the strength performance increases, muscles grow;
  • positively affects the function of articular tissues, ligaments, and also relieves pain in these parts of the body;
  • fast recovery after heavy workout.

The first effect is because of the presence in Test Cyp Cycle not only a strong anabolic effect, but also androgenic. Because there is an active water retention in the body, joints improve. The active substance of Cyp Test Cycle only is strongly convert into female hormones, so about a third of the gained mass will be water.


In order not to lose so much gained mass it is necessarily to use aromatase inhibitors on you cycle only. It is important for any athlete to recover quickly after physical workout. In this case, athletes do sports with increased intensity.



How to Cycle Test Cyp

Test Cyp is a long half-life steroid, so athletes can do one injection once in a week. Some athletes prefer to do twice. Typical cycle duration lasts about 8 – 12 weeks. When doing Test Cypionate Cycle only antiestrogens should be used as well.


Anastrozole (Arimidex) will be enough to use, as it is easy for the body. The drug do its work pretty good during the cycle. Aromatase Inhibitors help not only to reduce the rollback, but also to minimize the risk of side effects. The daily dosage of Anastrozole is – 0.5 mg (half tablet) at night.


When Cyp Test Cycle is completed, a proper PCT should be done. Post-cycle therapy need to be done around three or four weeks. For two weeks daily you should take 1 tablet of Clomid and then to decrease it to 0.5 tablets. Some athletes additionally use testosterone boosters. You need to start post cycle therapy a few weeks after the last injection of Test Cyp Cycle Only.



Test Cypionate Side Effects

During Test Cyp Cycle, the following side effects may develop:


  • acne;
  • baldness;
  • increased body hair growth;
  • increase in blood viscosity;
  • edema;
  • high blood pressure;
  • increased irritability.

In rare cases, athletes have acne on their face, and also increases the secretion of sebaceous glands. In case if side effects starts to develop, it is recommended stop Cyp Test Cycle and to consult a trainer or a physician.


Where can I buy Test Cyp Cycle

Buying Cypionate solo is best in the online steroid store, as pharmacies do not sell steroids without prescription. We guarantee the originality of steroids, each drug is checked in the laboratory for the presence of the declared amount of the active substance. We send anabolics to all USA, UK and all other the world.

Pharmaceutical name:

Testosterone Cypionate

Active Life:

15-16 days

Average Dose:

Men 250-1000 mg/week

Water Retention:

Yes, high


Yes, high

Steroid cycle:


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