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Jintropin is a very well-known HGH across the world. It’s a leading HGH brand on the Asian market. It holds 80% of all Asian market such as pharmacy and hospitals. It was rated as a top 5 best HGH in the world. Nowadays GenSci produce Jintropin of the 6th Generation. Everything is developing and pharmaceutical industry doesn’t stay on one place as well. Jintropin HGH has a lot benefits. As an example it can be stored if not mixed with bacteriostatic water up to 2 years in the room temperature storage. Once you mixed it you have to keep it in the fridge.

Jintropin HGH was developed by Dr. Lei Jin who spent 20 years working in America in Lilly pharmaceutical company developing and testing HGH. GenSci because of the Lei Jin and his hard work became monopolist on the Asian market. Jintropin from GenSci is a genuine HGH which contains full chain of 191 amino acids. It is so much similar to a natural GH which produce human body that even after years using continuously Jintropin there was no anti-agent notice which body usually body start to produce after some time.  It is appearing as a red lumps in the area of injection.

Jintropin will help you as an athlete first of all to recover much faster which will help to train more. You will get quality muscle mass as well as fat burning effect without any side effects. The regular dosage of Jintropin may vary from 5iu to 10iu daily. If you use above 16iu daily you have to inject it with insulin together. The area of injection is a lower part of your stomach where is the most body fat stored. You can inject GenSci Jintropin in your shoulder and triceps as well. The best is to do Jintropin injection on the empty stomach at least half an hour before your breakfast. You daily dosage of Jintropin HGH is better to split into two. One once you will wake up and the second during the day preferable in the afternoon. For the second injection of GenSci Jintropin HGH is better to avoid taking any food preferable 1 hour before and 1 or 1.5 hour after. HGH doesn’t like insulin which is growing as a reaction on the food when you are eating.

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Pharmaceutical name:

Human Growth Hormone

Average Dose:

Men 5i.u – 10i.u daily

Steroid cycle:

cutting, bulking

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