Kigtropin HGH 100iu kit [10IU/vial]



KIGTROPIN Dosage per kit 100iu

We have very good price for genuine HGH from Kigtropin Biotechnology. The price is a sale price. We ship worldwide. It comes in the kit of 10 vials. Each vial contain 10iu of HGH. So total is 100iu kit of genuine GH. It is a Chinese good quality growth hormone tested in many labs for years now. You can find many only positive reviews on Kigtropin 100iu kit from those who bought original product not fake one. We work directly with manufacturer so you can be assure that you are getting 100% legit growth hormone. Buy 100iu kit and you will see that you won’t need any other fake products with the extremely high price. Become our loyal costumer and get additional discount for all products assigned for lifelong.

Benefits of using KIGTROPIN HGH:

  1. Wrinkles and cellulite loss
  2. Muscle gain
  3. Fat burning / weight loss effect
  4. Increased libido
  5. Improve sleep
  6. Increasing positive mood
  7. Hair restoration and growth
  8. Increased energy level, stamina
  9. Improving concentration
  10. Significant increase in bone density
  11. Regulating cholesterol and blood pressure level
  12. Increased recovery processes

Kigtropin 100iu kit does not cos the immediate results. It needs from two to three months before you will start to notice the basic manifestations.

Kigtropin Dosage

  • Bodybuilding dosages are 5 – 20 iu daily (need to be divided into two equal dosages).
  • Anti-aging Kigtropin dosage is 4 iu daily.
  • As a treatment of severe burns, bone damage etc. hgh is used in a dosage of 10 iu daily but for a short period of time.


How to take Kigtropin 100iu kit

Take bacteriostatic water and mix it with Kigtropin hgh. Make sure when you are mixing water with powder you pour water just on the wall of vial and slowly fill it with the required amount. This ensures that Kigtropin hgh remains undamaged. Never shake it after. Just rotate the vial between your fingers until everything will be dissolved. Clamping a small skin layer on the abdomen, slowly insert the insulin needle and inject hgh.


When to take Kigtropin hgh

Divide your daily dosage of Kigtropin HGH into 2 equal. Take first half in the morning on the empty stomach just when you wake up, and the other half before or after workout. Do not take HGH at bedtime, cos during the night your body produce its own.


How to store KIGTROPIN 100iu kit

Once hgh kigtropin is mixed with water: it should be used within next 72 hours. Store it at 2 – 8 °C in the refrigerator.


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