Methandienone Injection Genesis 10ml [100mg/ml]



Methandienone Dosage – 100mg Injection (Genesis)

Methandienone injection form had appeared on the market quite late. And I don’t remember that it would have been produced at all back in the 60s or 70s. There was an issue to dissolve the active substance of methandienone in an oil solution. And finally, it happened, what all athletes have been waiting for. Technical medical progress finally made it possible to create methandienone as an injection. And one of the first products that became available on the black market was Dbol BD.


Benefits of Injection form

  • No or very little liver effect. Dosage directly enters the bloodstream from the injection spot.
  • Bioavailability of Dbol is twice more and longer.
  • Methandienone starts to act immediately after an injection.
  • Convenience – no need to take 3-4 times a day, like oral form.
  • Good to combine with short esters (phenylpropionate, propionate). Mixed can be taken in one injection.

The manufacturer managed to dissolve in 1 ml of oil 100 mg active substance. That makes it very convenient and strong. This means that the bottle will be enough for you for one quick cycle.


Injection form dosage are the same as for the oral dbol form 30 – 50 mg. Considering the fact that the steroid is dissolved in oil base solution, it got a prolonged effect. This means that one injection every other day, is quite enough for the effective steroid work.


Recommendations / Dosage

Users who are afraid of injections. I would say straight away that methandienone injections are painless.

For the solo injection, it is best to use an insulin syringe with the longest needle. Such syringes are very convenient for taking the exact dosage. Dbol can be injected in the thigh, biceps or delta. But for new users it is still more preferable to look at the syringe which has 2 – 3 ml. The thing is that an inexperienced athlete with an insulin syringe can make an injection that after it he will have to treat the abscess.


Reviews of Methandieone Injection from Genesis

The use of Methandienone injectable form makes it possible to fully experience the full anabolic power without fear of digestive side effects, which sometimes occur with the oral form, and in the same time makes the use of the steroid more convenient. Great increase in strength performance. Definitely worth a try the bulking monster!

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