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Methandienone LA Pharma (Dianabol 10mg)

Methandienone LA Pharma is one of the greatest and favorite steroid of all athletes who is looking for a tremendous gains and unbeatable power. Dianabol is very similar to testosterone and is one of the strongest steroid for bulking in oral form. LA Pharma Dianabol is coming in the box of 100 tabs. Each tablet of methandienone has 10mg of active substance. The dosage for Dianabol of LA Pharma is 30-50mg daily depending of your personal goals. Experienced athletes can go for 80mg daily. But make sure you have some AI or Nolva on hands due to the high water retention properties of Methandienone. A lot of side effects can occur with the high dosage as well. For female athletes LA Pharma methandienone is prohibited to use. During the cycle most of your gains would be water. So expect to lose 40-60% of gains after the cycle. With the proper PCT and vitamins and correct diet you will be able to safe 70% of your gains. Dianabol is a choice of a lot of athletes in different sport disciplines. All Pro love this steroid for its incredible properties and gains. If you are on bulking cycle you must include it.

Pharmaceutical name:


Active Life:

6-8 hours

Average Dose:

Men 50-100 mg/day; Women 20-50 mg/day

Water Retention:

Yes, similar to testosterone



Steroid cycle:



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