Methandienone Tablets Bayer 100tabs [10mg/tab]


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Methandienone Tablets 10mg (Bayer)

Buy Dianabol 10mg from Bayer, which is methandienone tablets. Each tablet contain 10mg. Buy from our legit source which is already been few years on the market and gain strong reputation with positive feedback. Dianabol 10mg are considered very close by effect and chemical structure to testosterone. Methandienone tablets are one of the most effective oral form of steroid for your bulking cycle. It is very comfortable if you want to avoid injection form on your cycle or you you want to add it as an additional to your course. Dianabol tablets can be used as a solo course or in combination with other AAS depending on your goals and previous experience with steroids. The gains from Methandienone tablets are pretty good impressive but consider that 40% of it would be water retention. You should always keep an aromatase inhibitor on your hands while using Dianabol. Dosage of Dianabol 10mg tablets can vary from 30mg on the mix cycle to 50mg and up on solo. It will show full potential in combination with sustanon or deca durabolin. In addition, in case of lean gains with less water retention pills methandienone can be mixed with trenbolone enanthate.


Pharmaceutical name:


Active Life:

6-8 hours

Average Dose:

Men 50-100 mg/day; Women 20-50 mg/day

Water Retention:

Yes, similar to testosterone



Steroid cycle:


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