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Oxytrex 50mg is a brand name from Concentrex Labs of Oxymetholone 50. It is coming in oral form as pills at the dosage of 50mg per tablet. This steroid is for experience athletes. Oxymetholone tablets in medical practice is subscribed for the treatment of anemia. In bodybuilding or Weight lifting it is very popular steroid and used commonly. It comes in the bottle of 100 tablets. Oxymetholone 50 is increasing red blood cells in your system. As for the sport Oxytrex 50mg will boost your performance as well as will increase your lifting results. You will get very hard pump already during the training. In the same time Oxytrex can provide you with a lot of side effects. If you are pron to gyno you should be very careful even with one tablet daily. You can use Aromatase Inhibitor or Proviron while on cycle. Oxymetholone 50mg will easily increase your size by changing nitrogen level. But most of the gains would be water and will go out once you will finish your PCT. Our company sell only original products from Concentrex. It is a Belgium pharma lab with quality products. You can easily buy it just placing the order above. Our specialists will be glad to answer any of your questions related to Oxymetholone or Cycles or any other question. Place you first order to buy Oxytrex 50mg and get additional discount on your any other order.

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