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Primobolan Effects British Dragon

What effects to expect from Primobolan British Dragon? First let’s review what is it and what would be better to use it with and in which quantity and etc.

British Dragon is a UK UG lab that starts its history back in 1998. Two British guys established their own lab in Thailand. It is legal in Thailand to produce steroids and to sell them. In addition, all the raw materials are also there. So to avoid extra expenses BD steroids were produced and sent from Thailand. Later on British Dragon lab will become as a pharmaceutical lab with high quality products. However, even that time quality of their products were good.

Primobolan is a British Dragon brand name for active substance known as methenolone enanthate. There are two esters as enanthate long one which comes in injection and acetate as a short one which comes as a tablets. Primobol 100 British Dragon is an injection one. It comes in a 10ml vial. Each ml contain 100mg of primobolan or methenolone enanthate. Therefore, in 10ml vial you are getting 1000mg of Primobolan. Now, what will be primobolan effect from 1000mg? So, Primobolan is a best to use while you want to get leaner. It is not really good to use it on the bulking cycle. You can use it as a solo cycle and in combination with other AAS. Solo cycle you will need higher dosage to achieve good results. This means that your cycle will be quite costly. In combination with other steroids, it is also better to have higher dosage of Primobolan British Dragon and less of the second steroid to avoid any unnecessarily side effects. Primobolan Effects are really smooth. Your changes will be noticeable slowly with time. Do not expect quick leaning or other results. Primobolan as well provides with good endurance and strength. Endurance and increased working hours in the gym you will see and feel already on the second week of your cycle. In addition, Primobolan will not provide you with side effects which good. No water retention or high blood pressure or libido problem etc. You can make your cycle up to 16 weeks without worry. It is a really great steroid and can suit any level athlete.


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