Primobolan Depot Bayer 1ml [100mg/ml]


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Primobolan Depot from Bayer Schering is a brand name for Methenolone Enanthate. It also known as a Prima or Primobol. Bayer Schering is a German Base Pharmaceutical company. The manufacture of Primobolan Depot from Bayer Schering is in Turkey. When you buy Primobolan Depot you can be assure that you are getting top quality product directly from Pharma Grade Top company. Methenolone Enanthate is a very smooth and one of the safest steroids between others. Usually Depot Primobolan is used on the drying cycle but you can also add it when you are bulking to grow leaner and to have less water retention while you on course. Because Methenolone Enantahte is a soft steroid you have to use it in a quite big amount rather to see good results. The most unpleasant part is that Primobolan Depot is very expensive. So you should expect to spend quite a good amount of money on your cycle. Average dosage of Bayer Schering Primobolan Depot is 800mg weekly and more. The good part is that Primobol is a long ester Enanthate and you can inject it twice or only once in a week. If you want to have the best safe AAS combination than you can combine it with Anavar or Masteron. Both of them are also good for cutting. If you want to gain a bit and to be lean at the same time then you can mix Bayer Schering Primo with testosterone enanthate.


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