Propionate 150 ElitePharm 10ml [150mg/ml]

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Testosterone Propionate 10ml comes in high dosage of 150mg per ml from UK lab ElitePharm. Testosterone is the main male hormone produced by human bodies. It plays a key role in human health. A lot of processes inside our bodies are connected with testosterone. Most of the sport achievements were reached by using different kind of testosterone and its modifications. Propionate 10ml is a short ester of test and act in the body quite quickly. It doesn’t really matter what will you train, you will definitely improve it by using propionate 10ml rather it’s an endurance, speed or lifting results. As well you can easily make your muscles bigger or harder or leaner or everything together. Propionate comes only in injection and should be injected each other day or after 2 days due to the high concentration of active substance inside 150mg. In the same time because testosterone propionate injections comes in injectable form it makes it so effective not as an oral form.

Always buy Propionate Testosterone Injections from the trusted source with a strong reputation and positive feedbacks from other customers who previously already had experience. If you buy testosterone propionate injections from us you can be relax knowing that you are getting only genuine product with the best discounted price. Place your order and get additional 10% discount voucher from us on your next purchase.

Pharmaceutical name:

Testosterone Propionate

Active Life:

2-3 days

Average Dose:

Men 100-300 mg/day

Water Retention:

Yes, high


Yes, high

Steroid cycle:

cutting, bulking


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