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Testosterone propionate (test prop) nowadays is one of the most famous and popular anabolic steroids among bodybuilders. The main award of the steroid is an increase in strength and muscle mass. However, test prop is often used on cutting cycle.



Results of Test Prop

  • increased nitrogen concentration in muscle tissues
  • increased levels of IGF (insulin growth factor)
  • increased muscle hypertrophy, faster recovery of these tissues

It should be noticed that all testosterone ester types have a similar effect on the human body. Their differences only come to the cycle choice and the period of half-life.



What are the benefits of test prop results?

  • Reducing the body fat, making relief.
  • Increasing muscle mass and strength.
  • Reducing the risk of coronary disease, as well as heart ischemia disease.
  • Improving sex drive.

Test Prop has a short half-life (this is the shortest ester of all other testosterones). That is why probuilders recommend injecting testosterone propionate at least every other day, and sometimes every day.


Because of this propionate property of frequent injections, many users replace it with longer ester enanthate.


When using test prop it won’t take long for a quick rush of strength. This is due to the action speed of the substance (Propionate quickly dissolves in the blood). That is why there are two sides of the coin. The positive aspect is the instant effect of the steroid; the negative is the rapid excretion of the substance from the body.


The test prop results shows that mostly this ester does not cos a lot of water retention in the body. That’s why from testosterone propionate cycle the growth of muscle fibers is quite slow. But the quality of gains here will be much higher. By the way, testosterone enanthate does not give such an effect.

The second important negative aspect is the high cost of the steroid and the frequency of its application. This factor forces bodybuilders to use other, less “high-quality” AAS.



Test Prop Side Effects:

During the use of steroid, the follow side effect can happen: redness, irritation and pain at the injection site. The frequency of injections can lead the athlete to aggression.


Testosterone propionate is an alkylated form of male sex hormone that is why ester can cause the following side effects:

  • acne
  • gynecomastia (increased levels of estradiol in the blood – antiestrogens are recommended to take to stabilize the hormonal system)
  • increased hair growth on the body, hair loss on the head (this problem is solved by the use of drugs that block dihydrotestosterone while on cycle)
  • switches off own free testosterone production (as usual, several months after the course, the hormonal system is restored)

Remember, this steroid is prohibited for female athlete use! Athletes are recommended to take steroid in therapeutic doses; this will minimize test prop side effects.


Test Prop Cycle Combinations:

The Propionate ester is most often found in a dosage of 50mg or 100mg per 1 ml. For beginners a dosage of 50mg injection once in 2 days will be perfect. Experienced athletes usually use 100mg daily. When you are on test prop cycle, it will be good to use medicine that blocks estrogens. This will avoid the possibility of water retention, gyno and other side effects. PCT (post cycle therapy) is required after prop cycle. The system can be restored faster with cortisol blockers, BCAAs, protein and vitamins. This approach will help to reduce the effect of “rollback”.


Also you should keep in mind such important things as:

  • the right selection of sports nutrition
  • constantly balanced nutrition on the course


Different testosterone propionate combinations with other AAS

Propionate and methandrostanolone (a significant and rapid increase in muscle mass, water retention). It is recommended to use 50-100 mg daily or every other day propionate, while Dbol can be used at a dosage of 30-40 mg per day.

Propionate and stanazolol (lean muscles gain, an increase in strength performance) – take in a dosage of 2:1 for 4-6 weeks.

Propionate and turinabol (a set of lean, lean muscle mass) – the best cycle option would be to take 50mg of testosterone per day, while the dosage of turinabol should be 60-70 mg daily.

Test Prop Solo Cycle – this option involves the use of only testosterone propionate; take 50-100 mg every other day or daily.

Pharmaceutical name:

Testosterone Propionate

Active Life:

2-3 days

Average Dose:

Men 100-300 mg/day

Water Retention:

Yes, high


Yes, high

Steroid cycle:


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