Testolic Body Research 10amp [100mg/ml]

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Body Research Testolic Propionate Review

Let’s review testolic propionate from Thailand Pharmaceutical company Body Research. Testolic Injection stands for Testosterone Propionate 100. It comes in ampules. Each ampule has 2ml. You won’t find any negative reviews regarding low quality of testolic injection. In Thailand you can easily find Testolic Propionate in the pharmacy and buy it without prescription. Test Prop 100 is a short ester of testosterone which is better to use on the cutting cycle. The price is affordable and the only minus is the frequency of injection. You have to do testolic injection of propionate each other day. Testolic Propionate Review shows that the best combination would be with Masteron, Anavar, Trenbolone Acetate, T3, Clenbuterol and Primobolan. The average dosage might vary from combination wich you will choose to a solo course. Approximately you can use 500mg plus weekly. If you are pron to gyno that it’s better to have an AI due to high conversion rate of test prop 100 to estrogen.

Pharmaceutical name:

Testosterone Propionate

Active Life:

2-3 days

Average Dose:

Men 100-300 mg/day

Water Retention:

Yes, high


Yes, high

Steroid cycle:



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