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We are glad to offer you a basic testosterone cycle for those who didn’t get experience with steroids or got a little. This cycle for beginners is good to start with your journey to pharma world.

Testosterone is a base for any course so it will be good to start introduction exactly with it. In testosterone cycle you will get 20 ml of Testosterone Enanthate and 150tabs of Proviron. All pro bodybuilders advise to do only test cycle for the newbie. The brand for selected cycle is Genesis. Country of origin is Singapore. Enanthate is a long ester so no need to do testosterone injection very often. Proviron will act as an anti-estrogen and plus will make your muscles to look harder.

Regarding dosage is all simply. Testosterone Enanthate will come 500ml per week and 50mg of proviron each day. So you will need to do 1ml of test injection every Monday and every Thursday. After you will finish your Test Cycle you need to take Clomid at 100mg for two weeks and after only 50mg for the rest two weeks. Clomid is important to use after any cycle to restore your natural testosterone which was suppressed during the cycle. Before starting you should have already good experience in the gym. At least 6 months to 1 year as a natural athlete. Because in this period you can easily get good gains natural without any steroids. After this period your muscles will adapt and then for the next progress you can start doing course. It will be additional help and will increase your progress if you will use protein and Amino Acids with Omega 3 while on course.

In case of any question regarding cycle of testosterone for beginners or how to place the order fell free to contact us.

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