Aburaihan Testosterone Enanthate 10amp [250mg/ml]



Iranian Testosterone Enanthate 250

Aburaihan Testosterone Enanthate is a synthetic hormone widely used in medicine. It has the same anabilc and adrogenic ratio. Test e is used for androgen replacement therapy. It is approved for treatment in men of hypogonadism in USA. In medical treatment dosage above 400mg monthly are not really used. Injections are given once in a 2 weeks. Suggested dosage will be in the range of 50 – 400mg every 2 – 4 weeks.

Aburaihan is a pharmaceutical company based in Iran. It was founded back in 1965 in city Tehran. In the beginning Aburaihan was under the ownership of the German Schering company. And it was branded as a Berlimed of Iran. Later on after 17 years it was renamed to Aburaihan Pharmaceutical.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. It is very important in sports, including bodybuilding. The steroid is quickly absorb into the blood and has a positive effect on the body and performance.


Aburaihan Test Review

Iranian Testosterone Enanthate 250 from Aburaihan is a pharmaceutical grade steroid. So you will get quality product production which is monitored and controlled by government standards. So it should contain not less than 250mg per ml which is hard to find nowadays and only pharmaceutical companies do so. In case of Underground Labs you can’t be sure about what is the exact amount of active substance inside. That is a huge plus for athlete health and results.

Test Enanthate is a long ester which means that twice or even once per week injection is enough. Injection should be done intramuscular. Because Aburaihan Test is a long ester it will take time until you will notice the difference. Usually on the third week the results start to show up. Before you will decide on the cycle and steroids to stack with make a proper study. The full review of combination of steroids will protect you from a lot of mistakes and will save a lot of time in the future. Aburaihan Test is also good as a solo cycle. A bit higher dose will show good results without adding something else. Of course all depends on your goals. Testosterone Enanthate is increasing power, strength, performance. Increasing your muscle mass.

In bodybuilding Iranian Testosterone Enanthate 250 is mostly used in Europe countries. In USA builders prefer to use Test Cypionate. They are pretty much the same with difference in one carbon atom in ester chain. Testosterone is a foundation for any cycle. Aburaihan Test can be combine with each and any other steroid without any doubt. Iranian Pharma is well known for its products in bodybuilding, weight lifting and other sport niches. Quality of pharma grade products is really impressive. All around the web you can find huge amount of positive reviews on Aburaihan and Abdi Ibrahim products. Testosterone Enanthate is in the line with such pharmaceutical giants as Organon, Balkan, Bayer etc.

Dosage vary from case to case. In solo cycle it can reach from 500mg to 1g and even more. In combination with other AAS 500mg will be more than enough. Any Test have a high aromatization properties. Which means more Test you put more estrogen you get. Estrogen leads to gyno problem. So you should be very careful on with big amount of Testosterone Enanthate. Arimidex or Aromasin will help you to prevent that kind of issue. The dosage of AI is 0.5mg each other day.



Iranian Testosterone Enanthate 250 from Aburaihan is a very powerful steroid. It has a lot of positive sides but on other hand there are and side effects as well. The big plus is that it’s pharmaceutical product. With proper dosage you can achieve big results without gaining a lot of side effects. With higher dose any of aromatase inhibitor is a must to use with. Can be combined with all kind of steroids and in the same time is good as a solo drug. In the end of the cycle after 2 – 3 weeks post cycle therapy protocol is required. Also with PCT can be a good add any of test boosters.

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