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Trenbolone Acetate – is the most powerful anabolic steroid known in the sport and fitness industry. It history starts in 1963. It was never used in the medical therapy but found very wide appliance in veterinary niche. In veterinary it started to be used in 1970s. Due to its androgenic properties and speed with each muscle grow it’s used for the fastest cattle growth before they will be delivered to slaughterhouse. Tren Acetate has a huge amount of side effects and was never approved for medical use.

Trenbolone Acetate 100

Tren Acetate is sold under the names as Finajet and Finaplix. Trenbolone has a huge amount of side effects and was never authorized for medical use. Therefore such a strong steroid with potency has found his use in bodybuilding and other sports disciplines where power and strength decides everything.



The dosage might vary depending on the goal and type of the cycle which you chose. Very rare when sportsman is using trenbolone as a Solo Cycle. Usually tren is stacked with other AAS. It shows amazing results on the cutting cycle with Winstrol, Clenbuterol, T3, Growth Hormone, Masteron. The average dosage is 50mg each day or 100mg each other day. Experienced bodybuilders put and 150mg and 300mg each other day. We do not recommend to do so. The higher dosage the higher risk of side effects especially with trenbolone acetate. One of the good combination will be 100mg of Testosterone Propionate EOD, 100mg of Tren Acetate EOD and Winstrol 50mg daily. This combination and dosage is balanced with less side effects. It’s better not to go above 100mg EOD in trenbolone dosage. If you don’t know which AAS is better to combine and in which proportion our specialist will help you with that.



Before starting to use trenbolone acetate this amazing and unique steroid always remember that it is not for the beginners. It’s for an advanced but mostly for professional bodybuilders and athletes who had a big experience with different AAS in the past. Trenbolone is on the top of steroids chain and doesn’t forgive mistakes. It’s very harmful. It heats not only physically but psychologically as well. You should be ready and well trained before meeting such giant.

Usually you will use trenbolone acetate each other day. Other forms of tren due to a longer ester require longer intervals between injections like once or max twice weekly. In case if you got higher dosage trenbolone acetate like 150mg/ml you can do injection even once in two days. If you use high dosage don’t forget to get Dostinex. It’s also advised to use trenbolone with testosterone. If you use Acetate form of tren then the best option would be Testosterone Propionate. It more comfortable to do injection both of them in the same day.

After you finish using trenbolone acetate don’t wait and start your Post Cycle Therapy. It’s extremely important to make everything correct and on time to minimize side effects after using tren Acetate.

how to use trenbolone acetate


Trenbolone makes protein synthesis way faster by increasing retention of nitrogen. This leads to a new proteins cells buildings in a high rate. All this means quick results due to a faster muscle repair and growth.

First of all trenbolone is a cutting steroid. So the visual result which you can notice will be getting leaner. For the best results stay on the regular diet at all the time. In Olympic lifting and Crossfit tren Acetate is very famous and loved for the strength and power which it gives to athletes. Another property of Tenbolone Acetate is that it helps to transfer more oxygen by increasing amount of red blood cells. As a results it makes better endurance and recovery of the athlete. Next benefit is that trenbolone acetate keeps cortisol at the low level so you can stay anabolic at all the time.



Nowadays to order Tren is very easy due to developing ecommerce system. A lot of online stores can offer you variety of UG brands quality and fake with different dosage per ml. The biggest problem in buying online is to find a reliable, legit source which do carry about their reputation. Once you will buy from them and would be satisfied with your purchase, we don’t think you will look for other eshops. Give us a try and order trenbolone acetate so you can see that we really do care about our customers, their opinion and satisfaction of the service and product quality.

Pharmaceutical name:

Trenbolone Acetate

Active Life:

Around 2 days

Average Dose:

Men 75 mg every day or two days

Water Retention:




Steroid cycle:


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